Hi! We're Holygram.

We enable your company to unleash its full potential of working remotely.

We’ve listened and come to a conclusion: when isolation and the lack of productivity is still a thing and Slack and Online Project Management don't quite cut it, why not build a tool that finally makes people feel comfortable in their remote work environment? We did — we call it Holygram.

Remote Work? Action required!

Remote work is going to revolutionize the way teams get things done. You can tap talent from around the globe. You can provide customer service 24/7. You can skip commutes and distracting meetings to be more productive and focused.

You finally achieve work-life balance.

Sounds good? It is. But in order to unlock the full potential of remote work, things have to be managed wisely.

Holygram is here to say goodbye to isolation and decreasing motivation. We're still at the beginning of our journey to improve remote work, but we didn't want to wait any longer to get your thoughts on our product.

See what we have prepared for you ...


Goodbye status calls

Making every part within your organization understand what other people are working on or what they've learned yesterday won't just boost the level of transparency — it will also decrease the amount of meetings, destroy silos and spread knowledge across the entire company.

Time zones

No need to struggle with time zones

A major issue remote teams face is having to conduct meetings when coworkers are spread across multiple time zones. The bigger your team and the more time zones you have to wrestle with the more likely you'll lose. Holygram takes the pain out of finding overlaps and elegantly presents only the best slots.

Virtual Coffee

Cool water not relationships

Developing a sense of proximity with the people you’re working with is essential to unwrap yourself from isolation and keep the level of motivation in your organization high. The fact that it takes a 10 hours flight from where you're living to your peer's coffee shop isn't an excuse for not having off-the-cuff conversations. Holygram encourages water cooler talks even with 10,000 Miles between you and your coworkers.


Motivation on steroids

Competitive wages? Sure, why not. Interesting work? Certainly. Good working conditions? Yes, of course. There's nothing wrong with that. But, let's face it. What do you think about some honest words — deep from the bottom of your coworkers' heart — about work you’ve spent the last couple of weeks with? „Woosh, let me go the extra mile“, you think? Yes! We call them Chapeaus. And we're proud to announce, they'll boost motivation in your company, too.


Keep everyone on the same page

No matter if remote or onsite work environment — communication happens. The good thing ... with the right communication culture in place, people will talk about the relevant things. Who's new in business? What will be launched next week? How does x impact our company strategy? Spreading news across multiple time zones does not only require good writing skills, but also tools that allow them to be read. Holygram is one of them.

Workday Habits

Key to unlock your peer's potential

Have you ever taken the time to think about what others could improve when collaborating with you? Are there things that hinder your superpowers and that could be changed in order to achieve better results? Think of Workday Habits as your personal Readme to tell your peers how to unlock your full potential.


Some things happen easier in person

While virtual coffee dates work fine for quick conversations, they don't do well for creating alignment within the entire company. Meeting once or twice a year with all coworkers helps to encourage communication, better get to know each other, reflect on and strengthen company culture. Holygram has tools in the mix to organize Retreats and collect views while running your get-together.